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knowing better wasn’t enough

for them.

believing: a thread through steel,

a fraying tether,

a shifting foundation

for a home,

a universe voluminous.

it wouldn’t hold up.


When is the Right Time?

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by Shamiko Reid

I overheard my mother on the phone with my aunt last week. She was discussing a “Girls Day” event a family friend hosted and how a few of the women there were recently divorced or widowed and how that is affecting their current love lives. My mother described how these women were asked to write a question, any question down & place them in a bowl. One question stood out in particular to me. As I lie in my mother’s bed and eavesdrop I hear her say to my aunt:

His First Pour

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There are men who call you in desperation. They call you when their self-esteem is low, even when it is masked by bravado that may sound like confidence, depending on the listening ear. They call you when they are hurting. They call you when they are drunk. They ask you, not overtly, but subtly in a way your soul can hear, to pour into them. They aren’t full. They need filling. You may be reliable and willing. It is easy to mistake his calling on you in the down times as respect, care, and love. So, you do what you can.


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